Class Overview

The idea of classes doesn’t really exist in my world—for example no NPC is going to go up to you and say “you look like a ranger!” (unless you’re a channeler since they’re distinct categories in the world). These are more like guidelines for character creation… custom classes are welcome!

Warrior Sphere:

  • Weaponsmaster – A standard fighter, skilled at long-term dps.
  • Guardian – A fighter with focus on defense and crowd control; group-oriented.
  • Berserker – Burst damage, solo-oriented fighter; Skald race only. Customization options available (to fulfill a paladin or cleric-type role)

Channeler Sphere:

  • Transmuter – Mastery over matter; can control and conjure objects and nonliving materials.
  • Telepathist – Mastery over flesh; can influence (and eventually control) human minds and bodies.
  • Elementalist – Mastery over the elements; can control and conjure fire, water, air, earth, ice (earth does not include anything living).

Bardic Sphere:

  • Rogue [streetwise] – Expertise with regards to people and cities; adept at information collection, persuasion, reading people, intuition, etc. As a result of superior perception of people and their senses, skilled at sneaking versus humanoids.
  • Survivalist – Expertise with regards to wilderness and animals; adept at tracking, navigation, hunting, plant use, etc. Skilled at sneaking versus animals.
  • Bard – Expertise with regards to inventions, alchemy, the arts, and general knowledge like lore and written history. Skilled at detecting and making/planting traps, experiencing moments of insight due to knowledge (problem-solving abilities), revered in society due to ability to raise up or destroy reputations.*

*This campaign is generally based in an ancient Celtic-type society—they valued honor and reputation above nearly all else, so bards (along with seers) held significant power and status due to their official ability to slander.

Class Overview

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