Race Overview


  • Gaels – The people of Tuatha, formerly united under an peaceful, Enya-based druid leadership. The Cecht, a pro-war faction, broke off and occupied sparse, decentralized cities in the north in order to keep Skald invaders at bay. The Danu (peaceful druid faction), remains in the south in densely populated and more skillfully governed cities.

Southern Gaels tend towards fairer skin and hair due to living in dense forests; northern Gaels tend to have more ruddy complexions and light or brown hair. All are generally slender, medium-tall, often with light eyes.

  • Skalds – The warlike people of Midgard, which is trapped in a perpetual winter. They reject magic (generally believing it does not exist), and are currently trying to expand southward to escape the winter and follow their conquering ideology.

Skalds are stockier than average, span a range of heights, and are the only race with red hair (though they also often have brown or blonde hair). Often muscular, and expected to be skilled in fighting.

  • Asar [Tethyns] – The cunning people of Tethys, largely in the east. Referred to as Tethyns by non desert-dwellers. Generally tanned skin, dark hair and eyes, and slender builds. Skilled in the bardic sphere.
  • Talmere


  • Satyran:

*Other races exist but you don’t yet know of them!

Race Overview

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